Review of The System Jo Gelato Range Product

It’s times like these when I enjoy what I do. Any excuse to provide frequent blowjobs is constantly a big plus in my publications as well as, oh boy, does this lube make the experience all the sweeter.

The System Jo Gelato Range is made to imitate the delectable tastes of the several finely created artesian ice lotion ranges that have actually come to be easily offered recently.

I don’t eat ice lotion, naturally, however I do have a soft spot for Tiramisu, Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Crème Brulee, as well as Hazelnut Espresso, all which are showcased in the System Jo Gelato Range

In this means the System Jo Gelato Range can be viewed as resembling gelato yet likewise desserts and wonderful treats much more generally. Doing not have a consistent velvety taste I ‘d in fact state that each was a lot more comparable to its origin treat instead than a gelato variation of it rather, but who am I to argue, specifically when these products taste so damned impressive!


The System Jo Gelato Range.
When I first came across the System Jo Gelato Range I was at one of the magnificent London branches of Harmony UK. There were samplers available for each and also I truthfully can not inform you how lengthy I spent rotating from one to one more. Licking and also drawing my fingers with an excitement that was probably close to NSFW, it’s reasonable to claim I was a fan of this lube long before System Jo kindly offered it for evaluation.Note: If you want to buy this lube you can find it at

In fact, along with the samplers that System Jo kindly supplied I’ve also bought a few of my very own while out as well as around on company trips. That’s just how much I love this item (and also Mr Peaches’ penis, to provide debt where it’s due).

The System Jo Gelato Range comes in three different styles– sampler sachets, little 30ml vials (excellent for taking a trip, as I can prove to), as well as larger 120ml bottle for when you truly mean organisation.

In the long-term, I support for the 120ml containers but there is an undeniable benefit to the tiny traveling bottles. 30ml does not feel like much yet it lasts for a reasonable few applications many thanks to the uniformity and also durability of this lube.

No– this isn’t an excellent lube for a straight-up hand task– it’s a little bit sticky after long term usage and also does dries out up as well quick to keep do without reapplication which, I my simple viewpoint, is a complete as well as utter waste of such a succulent lubricating substance.

When I use this semi-runny lubricant I see to it to do so with accuracy. If some dribbles on to Mr Peaches’ tummy then I excitedly and swiftly lap it up. I don’t count myself as a glutton, or a sugar-fiend, however warm damn does this lubricant draw me in like a seafarer to an alarm’s tune. I am not disappointed by a single taste in this array. Every one is different but they’re all scrumptious.

However sufficient about the flavour for a minute, let’s discuss the remainder of the specs.


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